top permanent lingual retainer


Does anyone have experience with having permanent lingual retainers on both top and bottom? I already have one on the bottom but my ortho wants to put one on top too in order to keep the front two teeth in proper alignment and keep one of them from moving. He said one particular tooth needs the constant retaining so it will not shift back toward it’s original position plus have root issues if it’s not constantly retained. I’m using an essix on the top for now. I’m not thrilled with the idea but would like to hear from anyone else whose had this done or can speak to what it’s like to have 2 wires in your mouth post braces. Even if you’ve only had the permanent retainer on the top, that would be helpful. Does food get stuck in it a lot? It’s not too bad on the bottom but I can see it being worse on the top.


Sunny reply
I don’t have any … but am getting top and bottom, as this will mean better retention for my teeth … and I’m thrilled about that.

I work with patients who have both upper and lowers and they’ve never said anything about food annoying them, just the extra care that continues to be needed while flossing.

I hope it works out well for you Jessi … and if it results in better retention, then I’m sure you’ll quickly adjust to any other changes. It’s got to be better than having braces …

Take care! :thumb:

jessi reply
Thank you for the encouraging words Sunny! It helps to know that you’ll have them and that you work with patients who have them. It seems like it’s not all that common, but hearing from you helps. :)


coconut reply
I’ve got upper and lower bonded retainers and have had them now for a couple of years. In general, they’ve been fine. 99% of the time you never even think about them.

Food does get stuck between the wire and teeth periodically. Due to the way in which the wire is bonded to the teeth, I’ve found that there is not enough space to get floss in there to remove food. The fallbacks have been to apply vigorous tongue action to the affected area or, if this doesn’t succeed, the last resort is rather less conventional…use a sharp object e.g. pin, to dislodge the food. Use a fair bit of caution with the latter!

Other than that, they’ve been great and have retained my teeth in the desired position.

Sunny reply
Jesi we use bonded retainers in about 75% of cases, due to the success that’s been achieved in them keeping the teeth retained.

lauralea reply
Ill be getting top and bottom fixed retainers. Im really pleased about this as this is my my second time in braces due to relapse and not wearing retainers as a kid.