Invisalign to fix overjet?

So you may have seen another post whereby a treatment has gone haywire at a clinic because of their financial problems.. So today I went to visit a new dentist to discuss Invisalign.

The main problems with my teeth is – (top arch) – an over-jet/overbite of around 7mm, and 2 front teeth are crossed over ( I dont know any technical term for this, Im sorry!)
My lower arch is totally in line, however, due to having large molars removed as a child, I have a 2mm gap in between my front teeth.

The dentist told me that with this style of brace, the over-jet wouldn’t be reduced hardly at all, and he would just be able to straighten my front teeth by using more IPR from teeth further back. He also said that the gap in my lower arch may never be able to close, or if it does, it may leave small gaps elsewhere..

Can anyone tell me if they’re having treatment for any of these problems, and if Invisalign is working to solve them?

I am having BIG problems trusting any service provider at the minute, and finding out all this drama and money – I may never get the finished product…?

Thanks in advance :)

bluegray reply
First, please remember that Invisalign is simply a tool for moving the teeth, just like traditional braces. It is not Invisalign that moves your teeth, but the skill and knowledge of the orthodontist to plan the treatment effectively to achieve the desired results.

I had an overjet (4-5 mms) because my upper arch was narrower than my lower arch. My orthodontist widened my upper arch and shifted my teeth towards the back and my overjet is corrected. After reading many of the stories from posters on these boards, corrections of overjets, overbites, and closing of gaps is pretty common amongst Invisalign wearers.

Personally, I would suggest you go get a consult with an orthodontist (several, if possible) rather than a dentist. orthodontists have additional training in the movement of teeth that general dentists do not. It does not sound like your current dentist has much experience or knowledge in this area and you certainly don’t want to pay for treatment that will not correct your issues. Most will give free consultations. Go in, see what they have to say, ask plenty of questions, ask to see before and after pictures of patients with cases similar to your own, and find one who makes you feel comfortable. This is a big investment – of your money, your time, and your dedication. You want to find the best option for you. Good luck!

W1ngz reply
I really have nothing much to add, but do want to try and add some emphasis to the point bluegray brings here. I’m sure someone with specific experience in having those types or corrections made will read this sooner or later, and agree. Get another consult somewhere else.

DevonB reply
Definitely agree with consulting several orthodontists. The first ortho I saw said I wasn’t a candidate for invisalign which I was absolutely blown away by because my teeth are virtually perfect, i just have some slight crowding. i was so discouraged because I figured there was no reason for a professional to lie. I’m glad I continued on and got several other opinions…all of which said I was not just a candidate, but the "perfect invisalign candidate."
Invisalign is really just as advanced as metal brackets for people who are candidates.

Dom99 reply
Hi. I think you are rightly cautious. The other 2 comments give good advice. I do have a fairly similar list of problems to you, though if anything slightly more complicated – 9mm overjet and an almost complete deep bite. I went to an orthodontist as the others have suggested. He was up front with me and said that this was near the limit of what could be achieved with invisalign. That said, he thought he could get a result, and I was so keen to avoid train tracks I thought I would give it a go. I am aware that this might not come off, but I have been reassured that there are others on this forum who seem really happy with he results they are seeing for similar problems. Good luck with whatever you decide.

shelleylu reply
Thanks for all the comments here – again, really useful.

As soon as I got home yesterday I started researching orthos in my area, as I figured this sounded weird…. I have seen (on this site for a start) the amazing work Invisalign can do, so I was surprised, and incredibly disheartened to discover it wouldn’t be the ‘finished 100% expected finish’ as the dentist called it! :-/

Thanks again everyone :)

Random reply
I’m a complicated case myself. However, I can’t speak for how well it is going yet, as my complicated teeth are my top set and so far, the treatment has only focused on backing up my molars on the top, the stuff I really want to see change comes later in my treatment.

I have an overjet, my fang teeth stick out, my arch is too narrow, my two front teeth are crooked. In my case the ortho is using a technique called sequential distalization to back up all of my top teeth one at a time to create the space I need. I have elastics as well.

I agree with others. That dentist sounds like they may not know how to use invisalign to correct your problems so they cop out by saying invisalign just can’t do it. I would definitely get some other opinions.

shelleylu reply
Thanks random. I have looked at some pictures online today and some of the Invisalign examples I’ve seen are VERY similar to my teeth right now – and theyve been corrected, so I will definitely be getting a second opinion :)

mwip reply
I too have an overjet and my doc seems to be using the same technique as Random mentioned (sequential distilization).